33 Pretty Lavender Balayage On Blonde Hair Ideas

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33 Pretty Lavender Balayage On Blonde Hair Ideas: Lavender balayage on blonde hair creates a stunning contrast, making it a trendy and eye-catching choice. From light lilacs to deep plums, there is a flattering shade for everyone.

As a blonde, you can easily achieve the balayage effect, which adds natural-looking, sun-kissed highlights to your hair. Whether you opt for a light lavender underlayer or a more intense purple shade, it will perfectly complement your blonde locks. So embrace the world of purple balayage and transform into a unicorn with these beautiful and unique hair color ideas.

33 Pretty Lavender Balayage On Blonde Hair Ideas

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Different Shades Of Lavender Balayage

Explore 33 pretty lavender balayage on blonde hair ideas, ranging from icy lilac to deep plum shades. Transform your hair into a whimsical unicorn-inspired look with these flattering and trendy color combinations.

Whimsical Orchid For Light Skin With Cool Undertones

If you have light skin with cool undertones, then whimsical orchid is the perfect lavender shade for you. This sister shade to lavender has slightly bluer undertones, which beautifully flatter cool-toned skin. With its whimsical and ethereal vibe, orchid balayage will instantly transform your blonde hair into a dreamy and captivating masterpiece.

Lavender With Exposed Roots For Light Skin With Warm Undertones

For those with light skin and warm undertones, lavender hair with exposed roots is a stunning choice. By allowing the natural roots to peek through, this balayage style adds dimension and depth to your blonde hair. The combination of warm undertones and the softness of lavender creates a harmonious and eye-catching look that will make heads turn.

Matching Violet Tones With Undertones

When it comes to lavender balayage, it’s all about finding the right violet tones that complement your undertones. If you have cool undertones, you can rock all shades of violets, from light lilac to deep plum. On the other hand, if you have warmer undertones, opt for warmer tones of the violet spectrum, like a rich wine shade.

Whether you choose whimsical orchid, lavender with exposed roots, or a perfect match of violet tones with your undertones, lavender balayage is a trendy and captivating choice. Embrace the magical allure of lavender and let your blonde hair shine with a touch of whimsy and sophistication.

33 Pretty Lavender Balayage On Blonde Hair Ideas

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Balayage On Blonde Hair

When it comes to adding dimension and depth to blonde hair, balayage is a popular technique that delivers stunning results. Balayage creates a natural-looking, sun-kissed effect by hand-painting lighter strands onto the hair, giving it a soft and seamless blend. This technique is highly versatile and can be customized to suit different hair colors and lengths.

Balayage Technique On Blonde Hair

If you’re looking to enhance your blonde locks with a touch of lavender, balayage is the perfect technique to achieve a beautiful and unique look. By strategically placing lavender highlights or creating a gradual fade from blonde to lavender, you can achieve a dreamy and ethereal effect. The hand-painted nature of balayage ensures that the transition between colors is seamless and natural-looking, adding a touch of whimsy to your blonde hair.

Contrasting Purple And Blonde For A Unique Look

Combining the contrasting hues of purple and blonde can create a striking and eye-catching look. The vibrant and bold nature of purple adds a pop of color to the cool tones of blonde, resulting in a captivating and unique hairstyle. Whether you opt for subtle lavender accents or go all out with a bolder purple shade, the contrast between the two colors will add an element of intrigue and allure to your blonde hair.

With balayage, you have the freedom to experiment with different shades of purple to find the perfect match for your blonde hair. From soft lilacs and pastel lavenders to deep plums and rich wines, there’s a wide range of purple tones to choose from. Whether you prefer a more subtle and romantic look or a bold and dramatic statement, the combination of purple and blonde through balayage allows for endless possibilities.

33 Pretty Lavender Balayage On Blonde Hair Ideas

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Frequently Asked Questions For 33 Pretty Lavender Balayage On Blonde Hair Ideas

Would I Look Good With Lavender Hair?

Lavender hair can look good if you have light skin with cool undertones, or light skin with warm undertones. It complements cool-toned skin and can be paired with exposed roots for those with warm undertones.

How Long Does A Purple Balayage Last?

A purple balayage can last for about six months with touch-ups only needed every six months.

Does Lavender Go With Blonde Hair?

Yes, lavender can go well with blonde hair. Light lavender underlayers can complement dark natural hair color, while darker shades of purple can enhance blonde locks. Inject some bright color into your hair with trendy lavender.

Can You Do A Balayage On A Blonde?

Yes, balayage can be done on blonde hair. Balayage is a technique used to create natural-looking, sun-kissed highlights, and it can be applied to various hair colors, including blonde.


Lavender balayage on blonde hair offers a unique and trendy look. Whether you opt for a subtle light lavender underlayer or a bold dark purple shade, the contrast with blonde locks is sure to create a stunning impact. Balayage is a versatile technique that can be applied to various hair colors, including blonde, to create natural-looking, sun-kissed highlights.

So, if you’re looking to embrace the unicorn trend and add a pop of color to your hair, consider trying lavender balayage for a beautiful and eye-catching style.

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