33 Best Peacock Hair Color Highlights To Try

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Discover the 33 best peacock hair color highlights to try. These highlights are inspired by the vibrant blue, green, and purple hues found on a peacock’s feathers.

From subtle to bold, there are options for every hair type and style. Transform your look with these stunning and unique peacock-inspired highlights. Peacock hair color highlights offer a fun and creative way to add a burst of color to your hair.

Whether you’re looking for a subtle hint of blue or a more dramatic combination of blues, greens, and purples, there’s a peacock hair color highlight that will suit your style. We’ll explore 33 of the best peacock hair color highlights to try, ranging from ombre styles to full-head color transformations. Get inspired and find the perfect peacock hair color highlight for you.

33 Best Peacock Hair Color Highlights To Try

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Introduction To Peacock Hair Color Highlights

Are you looking to add a touch of vibrancy to your hair? Peacock hair color highlights might be just what you need. Inspired by the beautiful feathers of peacocks, these colors incorporate shades of blue, green, and even purple to create a stunning and unique look. In this article, we will explore the world of peacock hair color highlights and provide you with all the information you need to achieve this captivating style. From understanding what peacock hair color is to gaining inspiration from peacock feathers and learning how to achieve the look, we have got you covered!

What Is Peacock Hair Color?

Peacock hair color is a captivating and vibrant hair trend that takes inspiration from the stunning hues found on the feathers of peacocks. Much like the feathers themselves, peacock hair color incorporates shades of blue, green, and purple to create a unique look that is truly mesmerizing. Whether you choose to go all out with a full head of peacock colors or add subtle highlights, this hair trend is sure to turn heads and make a statement.

Inspiration From Peacock Feathers

Peacock feathers are renowned for their beauty and captivating colors. The deep blues, vibrant greens, and hints of purple found on these feathers serve as a perfect inspiration for your hair color. By replicating these jewel tones, hair stylists can create stunning peacock hair color highlights that mimic the natural beauty of peacock feathers. Embrace the boldness and uniqueness of peacock feathers by incorporating these mesmerizing colors into your hair.

How To Achieve Peacock Hair Color

Achieving peacock hair color requires a combination of creativity and expertise. To achieve this captivating look, it is recommended to consult with a professional hair stylist who specializes in vibrant hair color. They will be able to assess your natural hair color, recommend the best shades to use, and create a customized color blend that complements your individual style.

During the coloring process, your stylist may use techniques such as balayage or ombre to create a seamless transition between the different peacock shades. The end result will be a stunning combination of blues, greens, and purples that resemble the captivating feathers of a peacock.

When it comes to maintenance, regular touch-ups and the use of color-protecting hair products are key to keeping your peacock hair color looking vibrant and fresh. Be sure to follow your stylist’s advice on how to care for your newly colored hair to ensure long-lasting results.

33 Best Peacock Hair Color Highlights To Try

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Choosing Peacock Hair Color Highlights

Discover the 33 best peacock hair color highlights to try for a unique and vibrant look. Embrace the blue, green, and purple hues inspired by the majestic peacock feathers, and let your hair shine with beauty and personality. Expand your style with these stunning hair color ideas.

Determining Your Base Color

Before diving into the world of peacock hair color highlights, it’s important to determine your base color. Your base color will serve as the foundation for your vibrant peacock hues. Whether you have blonde, brunette, or black hair, there’s a peacock color palette that will suit you.

Selecting The Right Peacock Color Palette

Once you’ve identified your base color, it’s time to select the perfect peacock color palette. Peacock hair typically features shades of blue, green, and sometimes purple, mirroring the majestic feathers of the bird itself. However, there are endless variations and combinations within this color spectrum.

Consider opting for vibrant turquoise and emerald shades for a bold and eye-catching look. Alternatively, if you prefer a more subtle approach, choose softer pastel shades of blue and mint green. Pick a peacock color palette that aligns with your personal style and desired level of intensity.

Considering Skin Tone And Eye Color

When choosing peacock hair color highlights, it’s essential to consider your skin tone and eye color. The right combination will help enhance your natural features and create a harmonious look that truly stands out.

If you have warm undertones, such as golden or olive skin, consider opting for peacock hues with warmer tones like teal or emerald green. These shades will complement your skin and create a stunning contrast. On the other hand, if you have cool undertones, such as fair or pinkish skin, try cooler shades like icy blue or silver to enhance your complexion.

Your eye color can also play a role in choosing the right peacock hair color highlights. If you have blue or green eyes, consider selecting shades that will make your eye color pop, such as deep blues or vibrant greens. If you have brown or hazel eyes, you have more flexibility to experiment with a wider range of peacock colors.

Remember, the most important factor when choosing peacock hair color highlights is to have fun and express your unique style. Experiment with different shades and combinations to find the perfect peacock look that makes you feel confident and radiant.

Styles And Techniques For Peacock Hair Color Highlights

With these 33 best peacock hair color highlights, you can achieve stunning blue, green, and purple hues inspired by the feathers of a peacock. Transform your look with these unique and vibrant styles and techniques.

Achieving a stunning peacock hair color requires the right styles and techniques. Whether you want bold and vibrant highlights or subtle pops of color, there are various options to consider. In this section, we’ll explore two popular styles for peacock hair color highlights – balayage and ombre – as well as options for short hair and creating highlights underneath.

Balayage And Ombre Peacock Highlights

When it comes to peacock hair color highlights, balayage and ombre techniques are excellent choices. These styles create a seamless blend of vibrant shades reminiscent of a peacock’s stunning feathers.

Balayage involves hand-painting the color onto the hair, resulting in a natural and sun-kissed look. For peacock highlights, the shades of blue, green, and purple can be strategically placed to mimic the placement of colors on a peacock’s feathers, creating a multidimensional effect.

Ombre, on the other hand, is a gradient color technique where the hair transitions from dark roots to lighter ends. With peacock ombre highlights, the colors can start with deep blues or greens at the roots, gradually fading into lighter and more vibrant shades towards the tips. This style allows for a bold and eye-catching look.

Peacock Hair Color For Short Hair

If you have short hair, don’t worry – you can still rock peacock hair color highlights! There are a few techniques that work exceptionally well for shorter hair lengths.

One option is to go for face-framing peacock highlights. These vibrant pops of color are placed strategically around the face, drawing attention to your features and adding a bold touch to your hairstyle. This technique works particularly well for pixie cuts or bobs.

Another option is to opt for peek-a-boo highlights. These hidden highlights can be placed underneath your top layer of hair, allowing you to reveal the vibrant colors with a simple flip of your hair. This technique is perfect for adding a touch of playfulness and intrigue to your short hairstyle.

Creating Peacock Highlights Underneath

If you want to make a statement with your peacock hair color highlights, creating highlights underneath your hair is a great option. This technique adds a subtle surprise element, as the vibrant colors are hidden until you move or tie your hair up.

To create highlights underneath, sections of the hair are selected and colored in blue, green, and purple shades. The colors can be applied in a harmonious blend or in a more asymmetrical pattern, depending on your preference. This technique is versatile and can be customized to suit your desired level of boldness.

Overall, whether you choose balayage, ombre, or get creative with hidden highlights, there are various styles and techniques to experiment with when it comes to peacock hair color highlights. Let your imagination run wild and embrace the beauty and vibrancy of these stunning colors.

33 Best Peacock Hair Color Highlights To Try

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Frequently Asked Questions For 33 Best Peacock Hair Color Highlights To Try

What Hair Highlights Color Is Right For Me?

For the right hair highlights color, consider your skin tone. Warm-toned individuals should opt for golden blond highlights while cooler-toned individuals should go for ashier shades. Brown hair can look good with caramel, golden, or baby blonde highlights. Keep highlights within four shades of your base color for a natural look.

What Is The Best Highlight Color For Light Brown Hair?

For light brown hair, the best highlight color options are caramel, golden, or baby blonde. The lighter the highlight, the cooler the tone, while caramel tends to skew warmer. It’s important to choose a highlight color that complements your skin tone.

What Color Is Peacock Hair?

Peacock hair is a vibrant and eye-catching color inspired by the hues of a peacock’s feathers, including blue, green, and often purple. A skilled hairstylist can create this majestic look by replicating the jewel tones seen on the bird’s plumage.

How Do I Choose Highlights?

Choose highlights that complement your skin tone. If you have warm-toned skin, opt for golden shades of blonde. If your skin is cooler, go for ashier highlights. Stick to highlights that are within four shades of your base color to avoid a harsh look.

Brunettes can try caramel highlights, auburns can go for copper gold, and blondes or grays can opt for baby blonde.


Experience the vibrant and eye-catching world of peacock hair color highlights with our curated list of the 33 best options to try. From subtle turquoise accents to bold blue, green, and purple combinations, these mesmerizing hues will surely elevate your hairstyle.

Whether you prefer long waves or a luscious curly look, these peacock-inspired highlights offer endless possibilities to express your unique style. Say goodbye to traditional hair colors and embrace the majestic beauty of peacock hair today.

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