13+ Stylish Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair That are Easy to Maintain

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Looking for easy-to-maintain hairstyles for short curly hair? Check out these 13 stylish options that are perfect for curly goddesses like you.

From messy buns to finger waves, these hairstyles are low effort but high impact. Say goodbye to frizz and hello to fabulousness with these short curly hair looks.

13+ Stylish Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair That are Easy to Maintain

Credit: www.momooze.com

Stylish Hairstyles For Short Curly Hair

Get ready to rock your short curly hair with these 13+ stylish and easy-to-maintain hairstyles. From messy buns to finger waves and pinned-up styles, there’s a look for every occasion. Embrace your natural curls and showcase your unique style effortlessly.

Messy Bun

A messy bun is the perfect hairstyle for short curly hair that requires minimal effort. It’s great for both casual outings and nights out on the town. Simply gather your curls into a loose ponytail and twist it into a bun, securing it with bobby pins. Let some strands fall loose for that effortless and chic look.

Half-up, Half-down

The half-up, half-down hairstyle is a versatile option for short curly hair. It allows you to showcase your curls while keeping them out of your face. Take the top section of your hair and twist it into a half-up ponytail, securing it with a hair tie or bobby pins. Leave the rest of your curls down for a stylish and easy-to-maintain look.

Finger Waves

Finger waves add a touch of vintage glamour to short curly hair. This hairstyle requires a bit more effort but is worth the stunning result. Use your fingers or a comb to create S-shaped waves along your hairline. Secure the waves with bobby pins and let the rest of your curls flow freely. This hairstyle is perfect for special occasions or when you want to add a bit of elegance to your everyday look.

Bantu Knots Mohawk

If you’re feeling bold and adventurous, the Bantu Knots Mohawk is perfect for you. This hairstyle combines the edginess of a Mohawk with the fun and versatility of Bantu knots. Split your hair into sections and twist each section into small knots, securing them with bobby pins. Leave some curls loose along the center of your head to create the Mohawk effect. This hairstyle is sure to make a statement and turn heads wherever you go.


A headband can instantly elevate the look of short curly hair. It helps to keep your curls in place while adding a stylish accessory to your overall look. Choose a headband that complements your outfit and slide it onto your head, pushing back your curls. You can wear the headband close to your hairline for a retro-inspired look or further back for a more casual style.

Pinned Up To The Side

For a chic and sophisticated look, try pinning your short curly hair up to the side. Gather your curls to one side and secure them with bobby pins or small hair clips. You can leave some curls loose in the front to frame your face or pin them all up for a more polished appearance. This hairstyle is perfect for both formal events and everyday wear.

Deep Side Part

The deep side part is a simple yet effective way to switch up your short curly hair. Simply part your hair deeply on one side, allowing your curls to fall naturally. This hairstyle adds volume and dimension to your hair and can easily be achieved with a comb or your fingers. It’s a quick and easy way to change your look without much effort.

Slicked Bun

If you’re looking for a sleek and polished hairstyle, the slicked bun is a great option for short curly hair. Use a styling gel or mousse to smooth down your hair, then gather it into a low bun at the nape of your neck. Secure the bun with bobby pins and use a small amount of hairspray to keep it in place. This hairstyle is perfect for formal occasions or when you want a more refined look. In conclusion, these stylish hairstyles for short curly hair are not only easy to maintain but also allow you to showcase your natural curls in a fashionable way. From the effortless messy bun to the glamorous finger waves, there’s a hairstyle for every occasion and personal style. Whether you’re attending a special event or simply running errands, these hairstyles will enhance your natural beauty and make you feel confident and trendy.
13+ Stylish Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair That are Easy to Maintain

Credit: www.momooze.com

Tips For Maintaining Short Curly Hair

Maintaining short curly hair can be a challenge, but with these stylish hairstyles, it doesn’t have to be. From messy buns to pinned up styles, there are plenty of easy-to-maintain options that will keep your curls looking fabulous.

ura=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.vogue.co.uk%2Fbeauty%2Fgallery%2Fcurly-hairstyles-help-with-frizz%3Fimage%3D5d8263ccf546f1000863d93d&rlz=1C1GCEU_enUS832US832&source=lnms&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiqzrGX0f_oAhUKsJ4KHQzKA8EQ_AUIESgB&biw=1366&bih=657 3 Easy Ways to Maintain Short Curly Hair In order to keep your short curly hair looking fabulous, it’s important to follow a few key tips for maintenance. These simple practices can help keep your hair healthy, manageable, and looking its best. Avoid Brushing Dry Hair One crucial tip for maintaining short curly hair is to avoid brushing it when it’s dry. Curly hair is prone to frizz and brushing it dry can disrupt the natural curl pattern and cause unnecessary breakage. Instead, try to detangle your hair gently with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb while it’s wet and coated with conditioner.
13+ Stylish Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair That are Easy to Maintain

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Frequently Asked Questions On 13+ Stylish Hairstyles For Short Curly Hair That Are Easy To Maintain

What Hairstyle Is Good For Short Curly Hair?

Good hairstyles for short curly hair include messy buns, half-up half-down styles, finger waves, Bantu knots mohawk, headbands, pinned up to the side, deep side part, and slicked bun. Short curly hair requires proper care and styling techniques to maintain its shape and reduce frizz.

Avoid brushing when dry and limit shampooing frequency. Instead, use a diffuser to dry or let hair air dry naturally.

Is Short Curly Hair Easier To Maintain?

Short curly hair can be difficult to manage but with the right stylist and products, it can be easier to maintain. Curly hair requires more attention, so it’s important to moisturize and avoid frizz. Brushing should only be done when wet, limit shampoo use, and let hair air dry or use a diffuser.

How Do You Take Care Of Short Curly Hair?

To take care of short curly hair: 1. Avoid brushing when dry, only do it when wet. 2. Limit shampoo use and steer clear of sulfates. 3. Don’t wash your hair too frequently, aim for twice a week. 4. Use a diffuser or air dry instead of towel drying.

5. Style without product by trying braids, ponytails, or chignons. Taking care of short curly hair requires proper techniques and minimal product use to maintain healthy curls.

What Is A Good Haircut For Curly Hair Kids?

A good haircut for curly hair kids is a mid-length bob, as it allows for easy styling with braids, ponytails, or chignons. Avoid using a razor when cutting their hair.


To all the curly goddesses out there, we hope this blog post has provided you with the inspiration and guidance you need to rock your short curly hair with confidence. With these 13+ stylish hairstyles that are easy to maintain, you can embrace your natural curls and showcase your unique personality.

Whether you opt for a messy bun, finger waves, or a deep side part, there’s a hairstyle for every occasion. Remember to take care of your curly locks by using the right products and techniques. Get ready to turn heads and feel fabulous with your stunning short curly hair!

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